Matías Fernández Rosales


Matias Rosales (Talca, Chile, 1988)

Matias first entered the music scene inspired by Jazz and the popular music, and has
subsequently taken part in different musical formations. He Studied in the UC Chile where he
obtained a Bachelor degree in musical composition and studied composition and new
technologies with Cristian Morales, orchestration and musical analysis with Aliosha
Solovera. Further he obtained a Master in the CNSMD of Lyon studying composition with
Philippe Hurel and new technologies with Michele Tadini.

He has taken part in different meetings about composition, with: Gabriel Brncic, Fabien
Levy, Marco Stroppa, Andrea Agostini, Raphael Cendo, Philippe Leroux,  Tristan Murail,
Daniel D`adamo, Tom Mays, Martin Matalon, among others.

Since its foundation, Matias takes part of  Taller Ciclo, a group of experimentation
concerning the composition and the musical improvisation created by Cristian Morales and
his students of composition and electroacoustics.

His repertory consists of music for orchestra, chamber music, solo works, electronic and
mixed music as well as improvisation. His music was played by ensembles such as BCN
216, Klexos, CNSDMD's Orchestra ,  Atelier XX-21 among others and by the soloists:
José Luis Urquieta, Camila Del Pozo, Hsin-Chun Chou, Hsin-Hsuan Wu and Felipe Guerra.

Some of his scores are edited by Note En Bulle Editions.